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Welcome to Jazz Piano Tuition! Jazz Piano Tuition is about creating resources and tuitional materials for pianists wanting to learn jazz. We’re here to provide inspiration, guidance, and help you along your way on your jazz adventure. We provide tools to help you become a better jazz pianist through our videos, tutorials, and resources. 

About Jazz Piano Tuition

Hi, my name is Tommy Scott and I’m the founder of Jazz Piano Tuition. I love to play jazz piano and I want to give something back by sharing my talents and knowledge with others. 

Since starting piano lessons  in 2004, I have had the privilege of helping many people of all ages and abilities experience the joy of making music. I love to teach music and give regular masterclasses as well as private tuition.

In addition to being a music teacher I am also a jazz composer, performer, and recording artist. I am fortunate to have over 20 years experience playing and performing jazz with some of the UK’s finest jazz musicians, and I am able to demonstrate and explain the styles of the jazz masters from various eras. I also have an extensive knowledge of jazz theory and harmony and can show you how to integrate it into your own playing. 

For more information about my recordings and performances please check out my artists website

Our Top Free Resources

On Jazz Piano Tuition, we offer lots of information on learning jazz piano and they are all presented through three different mediums:

  1. Video tutorials. We come out with regular videos on YouTube that also live here on the website.
  2. Jazz piano blog. We have a  library of written jazz piano lessons covering a number of topics.
  3. Resources page. A list of useful resources in the study and practicing of jazz piano.

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