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It is my aim to make online lessons even better than in-person lessons. I achieve this by incorporating various technology. It is very easy to setup and you don’t need much technical knowledge.

  • Record the lessons to rewatch and review during your practice time
  • No need to reschedule due to illness or other conflicts
  • Eliminates travel time and petrol costs
  • Lessons accessible anywhere you have a computer and internet connection
  • Moving away or at college
  • More flexibility in scheduling
  • Refer an out-of-country/county friend or relative

About Tommy

Since starting piano lessons  in 2004, I have had the privilege of helping many people of all ages and abilities experience the joy of making music. I love to teach music and give regular masterclasses as well as private tuition.

In addition to being a music teacher I am also a jazz composer, performer, and recording artist. I am fortunate to have over 20 years experience playing and performing jazz with some of the UK’s finest jazz musicians, and I am able to demonstrate and explain the styles of the jazz masters from various eras. I also have an extensive knowledge of jazz theory and harmony and can show you how to integrate it into your own playing. 

For more information about my recordings and performances please check out my artists website www.tommyscottmusic.com

Are you ready to take your playing to the next level?

  • Are you ready to radically increase your musical abilities and start playing the piano the way you always wanted to? (All levels of ability from complete beginners to advanced)

  • Are you seeking a professional, experienced teacher who knows how to help you meet your playing challenges and coach you to success?

  • Are you dreaming of getting back to playing piano, even if it has been years since you played?Are you tired of making slow progress and feeling frustrated with your piano playing?

Tommy is available to answer all your questions about chord voicings, jazz notation, improvisation, piano technique, or any other music-related questions you might have. He is also happy to listen to you play, help you assess your current level, and give suggestions on the next steps to improve your playing.

Online Lesson Example

If you haven’t taken online piano lessons before you may be a little bit unsure how it all works, so Tommy has provided an example taken from an actual lesson so that you can see how it works in practice. If you watch this you can see for yourself Tommy’s teaching style and setup.

Don’t worry if you find some of the musical terms which Tommy mentions are too advanced for you, as Tommy is adept at changing his approach to cater for all levels of ability.

What people say about Tommy's teaching

"Tommy has been an excellent and patient teacher as I have learnt to play a particular piece over the last few months. Tommy's knowledge of music and composition is excellent, he is very flexible with lesson times and is a very reasonable price. I would highly recommend Tommy as a first class piano teacher”
Jo Ledger
"An incredibly skilled pianist with a deep understanding of music across a large range of genres. Has helped me develop largely by giving me direction and guidance in my practice, and b constantly teaching me new and interesting material and knowledge. A great teacher and person who I would definitely recommend to anyone wanting to learn piano and expand their knowledge of music.”
Cal Herron
Music student at Trinity Collage London
"Amazing teacher! Very knowledgable and talented. Very flexible lessons, if I ever want to learn anything specific topics or songs I have access to in depth tuition. Tommy is also happy to lend his creative abilities if I ever need help finding chords or melodies for my own compositions” ​
Jack Adamson
Music student

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Limited places available

Tommy will only be taking on more students for a limited time. He is very much in demand as a teacher So make sure you don’t miss out on this opportunity, and book your lesson today while there are still available slots.

FREE trial lesson

I am offering the first lesson absolutely free as a trial so you can see for yourself if you enjoy having lessons from me.



Contact Tommy by sending an email to tommy@tommyscottmusic.com

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